Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The talent to read a person's thought is a gift. Some times it is a curse. You can help people with this. But you cant choose which things to know. You can use it to trick a person. Tell me whether it is a gift or curse?
I have tried to think from other people's point of view. Some times its funny. But most of the times it has helped me to understand a person in a better way.

Devilish Angel is back to Blog World...

Hi Guys,

After a long time I am back to blog world. Its like meeting an old friends. Missed you all. Yesterday I was thinking about a serious topic to blog. Soon will write it as a post...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I lived in the moments
again in my dream
we met
we laughed
we talked
in the world so far away.

It was not easy
to reach you
as we were busy
with our life
unable to remember
the past.

Those moments
are still in my brain
as i got up
facing the reality.
Still it was not easy
to reach you.