Thursday, November 22, 2012

Break Up...

Nobody teaches you how to handle when you mess up with a relationship. You can not expect the other person to understand you. They will understand if you give them enough time and space. Relationship involves people and you have to handle yourself and the other person. The other person may say get lost and its the time when they need you more. When you enjoyed the care and affection in a relationship, you should also learn not to leave them in problem time. Its an art to convert a messed up relationship in to a good friendship. Think yourself an artist and act accordingly.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Alright...

The road is alone
And no one by my side
May be I left you behind
It's alright!!!

I need no one
But only one whom I search
May be I have to find
It's alright!!!

I stumble through dreams and reality
Lost many in search
Looking at nothing
It's alright!!!

I am here
Not sharing sorrow
Nor the laughter
It's alright!!!

I feel what I had once
I feel what I didnt have anymore
Life is balanced
It's alright!!!

It's been so long, I am lost in the road. I hear your whispers, humming in my dreams. Even your unspoken words are louder, full of life.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Love - Go blind stage...

The night was dark, sky was cloudy. Street lights were dark making the rain drops glittering. I was holding your hand while walking in the rain. You were helding an umbrella to keep me safe. Walking with you in rain holding your hand, humming a song, blushing at your looks and liking the way your hands play with my wet hair was wonderful. The warm of your body, your deep voice and your shining eyes made me to walk without feeling tired.

This is the go blind stage in love. You will be wondering how many stages are there  in love. First stage is go blind. Second stage is trial and error. Third stage is adjustment. Many love will not even cross the first stage itself. Since people are thinking love is just meeting, dating, and happy marriage. Real fact is not like that. Only in movies things are good in love. I will be writing about the other stages in my posts soon.