Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The Human Mind has got two sides, one the conscious and the other the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious mind is active always even while we sleep and that is why even in deep sleep we will realise some small noises which occur around us.

The sub-conscious mind has a power and there are few people who are aware of this fact and it is these few who get intuition and as they practice it in the day to day life, they become experts to predict things out of their intuition. Various events in our life are also reflection of our sub-conscious thoughts of our mind and that is how we relate it. Many times on any particular event, we say, I knew it will happen like this only, I told you know, it will happen like this. 

This is the basis on which scholars say, always think positively and talk positively. We have to be aware always and recognise the presence of the sub-conscious mind and keep developing the art of talking to our own inner-self and this will translate itself to Intuition. Let all good thoughts, pleasant thoughts, positive thoughts, Thoughts which can satisfy our soul emerge in us and we can look forward to Better and Happy days ahead of us.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Love need not necessarily be between a boy and a girl or between a man and  woman, love is an emotion which emerge between human hearts and minds based on lots of understandings, flexible attitude, willingness to compromise. When love is between a man and woman, it is invariably out of an attraction based on physical appearance and beauty, between the two and sometimes it is also called infatuation. When the bonding becomes stronger, it crosses the stage of infatuation and firms up as love. Many times, before it could firm up as love, it breaks at the stage of Infatuation itself mainly because of the fact that the maturity in the individuals is missing. When it is really matured, the bonding is very strong.

Love has many dimensions and it is very difficult to narrate because too many points are there. It is the Essence and Nucleus for anything and everything. If it is missing in a person, everything else will be missing in him or her. If one has to be successful in a Job, person should love the Job, if one has to be successful in business, person has to love the business line he or she has chosen. If one wants to be in a nice family, the head of the family has to love the family and he or she should be a loveable person for others to follow their principles and nurture the spirit of love in the family.

Without love, there is no room for any pleasure. Pleasure without love would be machine like and it will not have any value and will not last long. Even without seeing each other for months or years together, one can always possess the love for each other in the heart and it is the thought which matters.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life is to live...

Nothing is permanent in life. Everyday we get new thoughts, emotions, experiences. Most of us focus on problems, rather than about solving them. Solution is living in the moment. Because life can change within seconds.