Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Bye 2012...

Thank you for the lessons you have taught me this year. Lost faith in God. And started to trust myself more in taking decisions. Its a long journey and I can not forget the tough path I walked alone with smile.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love is...

Love is understanding a person more than yourself and taking care of everything that person needs. It wont find fault, wont envy and wont be rude. Love always cares, trusts and protects.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thank U Weird Friend...

Dear Kuruvi Roti(Butter bun),

You are an amazing friend!!!

Thank you for saying birth day wishes in your blog. You were there when I was sad, When I dont know who I am. Thank you for not judging me when I did stupid things. I want you to know we are still friends and I am just a phone call away(Sorry, I dont have your phone number). Thank you for listening to my problems even when you were tired and sleepy.

Your friend,
Devilish Angel :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Break Up...

Nobody teaches you how to handle when you mess up with a relationship. You can not expect the other person to understand you. They will understand if you give them enough time and space. Relationship involves people and you have to handle yourself and the other person. The other person may say get lost and its the time when they need you more. When you enjoyed the care and affection in a relationship, you should also learn not to leave them in problem time. Its an art to convert a messed up relationship in to a good friendship. Think yourself an artist and act accordingly.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Alright...

The road is alone
And no one by my side
May be I left you behind
It's alright!!!

I need no one
But only one whom I search
May be I have to find
It's alright!!!

I stumble through dreams and reality
Lost many in search
Looking at nothing
It's alright!!!

I am here
Not sharing sorrow
Nor the laughter
It's alright!!!

I feel what I had once
I feel what I didnt have anymore
Life is balanced
It's alright!!!

It's been so long, I am lost in the road. I hear your whispers, humming in my dreams. Even your unspoken words are louder, full of life.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Love - Go blind stage...

The night was dark, sky was cloudy. Street lights were dark making the rain drops glittering. I was holding your hand while walking in the rain. You were helding an umbrella to keep me safe. Walking with you in rain holding your hand, humming a song, blushing at your looks and liking the way your hands play with my wet hair was wonderful. The warm of your body, your deep voice and your shining eyes made me to walk without feeling tired.

This is the go blind stage in love. You will be wondering how many stages are there  in love. First stage is go blind. Second stage is trial and error. Third stage is adjustment. Many love will not even cross the first stage itself. Since people are thinking love is just meeting, dating, and happy marriage. Real fact is not like that. Only in movies things are good in love. I will be writing about the other stages in my posts soon.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh My Pretty Dream Boy...

Dreaming is my passion and I started to write to express my dreams. Long back I met my pretty boy in my dreams and he inspired me to write poems. This is My first poem about my dream boy.

Where are you my pretty boy
My heart is full of you
Wherever you are
I believe you are born for me!

Where are you my pretty boy
I have a place for you in my heart
Wherever you are
Hope you will hear my words!

Where are you my pretty boy
Hope you will come for me
I am waiting for you
To be with you forever!

Oh my one and only dream boy
Being in insane world
Thoughts bounce in and out of my head
Thinking of you!

Oh my one and only dream boy
Sometimes I feel I never reach your arms
No matter how hard you try to reach me
And my heart aches for you!

Oh my one and only dream boy
Your voice calls me as I dream
And when you sing
I forget the world!

Oh my one and only dream boy
All that left is you and me
Two of us alone
And no one in our world!

Oh my one and only dream boy
I feel my mind numb
Thinking of you
Come to this world from my dream!

Oh my dream boy, your love for me makes all things wonderful. No one is too young for love, because love does not comes from your mind, which knows age but from your heart, which knows no age. You are my dream, my love, my life and I want to spend my life with you. You have lighten up my life, like how the moon brightens the sky. I miss you a lot...

Next birth...

I feel I want entirely new people in my life. Others may be thinking I am confident, happy and have good mind to listen their problems. Inside my heart some thing has been broken which can not be repaired. And nobody can fix the broken pieces together. Completely bored about life and started to think about death. Why I am thinking about my death now? I really dont know. I dont have anything to regret in my life.
I am too tired of seeing how time changes the realtionships.
I am going to move away from everything I have now,
To add more new colors in life,
Once I have lived for others,
Now erasing the old ways,
And dreaming about simplest things.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Beyond...U & Me...

I still not feeling sleepy after heavy work out in gym also. Have got poetic lines in my brain.

Beyond your eyes
I saw calm
Beyond your words
I saw pain
Beyond your lips
I saw smile
Beyond your heart
I saw cruelity

Beyond my smile
There is tears.
Beyond my calm
There is hurt
Beyond my pain
There is sorrow
Beyond my cruelity
There is heart, which is so pure...

Corrected version

when I see your eyes, I see clamness
when I hear your words, I see lot of pain
when I feel your lips, I see smile
when I feel your heart, I see lot of cruelness

when I am calm, it means I am hurt
when I smile, you can see lot of tears
beyond my pain, there is sorrow
beyond my cruelness there is a heart which is calm and pure

You are salt,
I am sugar.
You are coffee
I am tea.
You are modern
I am orthodox
You are Joy
I am sad
Thats U & Me

you are salt, i am sugar with malt
you are fast and i am careful
thats what makes our life joyful
you are happy when i am sad
which makes me feel bad

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am really happy when I came to know about my friends who are with me during tough times. Early morning around two when I cant sleep, I sent sms to a friend saying I want to share few things with you. I got a doubt what to do if the mobile is switched off and login to system. The next second my friend sign in and I chat for nearly half an hour. Thought of the day is "Love wanes when the attraction goes. They shed the love as fast as they embraced it when they didnt find the attraction. Play how the world plays with you. Brave against the brave. Cruel against cruel. When you are down the world conspires against you, you got to be strong and stand up. World is a place of manipulation. You make your choices, stand by it and its responsibilities and consequences. Learn the world. Learn from experience. Put you energy and thoughts for your own use".


We all find its easy to judge others, to break relationship, to hurt and to insult. Previously we should have ready to bring moon to this earth for the same people. And time changes it upside down.
Nobody wants to adjust and nobody try to understand other person's feelings from their point of view.
When we are not ready to accept the person as they are, life is hell always. Lot of things in life is out of our control. But relationship we can maintain. Try to help the other person to understand you. Instead of judging, enjoy the child like nature in other person. 

When I am mood out...

What I do when I am mood out? Block the friend whoever hurts you slightly. After blocking, will receive no of sms from the same person. Then lot of phone calls. Finally I have to send sms saying I am unblocking you. Oh my God. I have wasted this much time!!!

It pains and it hurts. I dont know why God is this much cruel to me!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012


Few days back one of my friend was saying "You are happy since you have friends who cares for you. I dont have many friends and dont have anybody to care for me". Reality is I wont care about me much. Having slight fever for few days but today only I realised I am sick. I didnt touch my lap top for one day and took rest and now I am normal, writing this post at mid night. Happiness is the state of mind and it does not depend on anything or anybody. Its our imagination which makes us to think happiness comes from outside. Too much of attachment towards anything or anybody spoils our happiness.
Human beings always want certain things and when they are not getting it, anger, frustration comes in and happiness goes out of mind. I wont get happy just because of the number of gifts or roses I receive, but from the small things I get in life like having bed coffee, blogging at mid night, reading a good thriller, a phone call from a friend etc...
Life is like a cup of tea, some times a bit bitter, but it brings happy when tasting ice tea at burning summer day. There are few facts which will bring happiness to our life and mind.
1. Regular exercise
2. Be grateful for what you have
3. Enjoy each and every moment in your life
4. Have faith in God
5. Do meditation
6. Give 100% in whatever task you do
7. Invest in personal relationship
8. Focus on experience rather than possessions
9. Let go of things when it is not in your control
10. Have positive attitude.

Life changes often. Sometimes the change may be positive or negative. We dont have chance to control the changes, but we can have control on how to deal with the changes. And we should know to come out of the pattern in which we are not happy.
Being happy does not mean everything is perfect. It means you decided to look beyond the imperfections... 

Friday, October 12, 2012

ASL Plz...

This video which I watched recently shows how blindly people chat with out knowing each other. Internet helps to develop knowledge, same time it brings unwanted problems also. Parents please watch what your kids are doing.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Love & Lust...

Soul needs body to live and body needs sex to reproduce. Reproduction needs lust and lust needs love. You cant simply have lust for a person without love or love a person without lust. And both love and lust means the same as soul and body. This is the beauty of nature!
Love makes a person happy that nobody else can do. True love allows both to grow. And relationship or love can be evaluated only by the participants in it rather than others. Love is not about U or Me, its about US.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thought of the day...

The time will tick and it wont stop or freeze because we have some difficult moment. Life moves on, and whoever moves with life is successful however big or small it may be...
Its not selfish to be taking care of self. Its about being prepared to be there for family, friends when they need it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pretty Boy...

I lie awake at night,
See things black and white,
I have only got you inside my mind,
You know you have made me blind.

I lie awake and pray,
That you will look my way,
I have all this song in my heart,
I knew it right from the start.

Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you,
Like I never ever loved no one before you,
Oh my pretty pretty boy of mine,
Just tell me you love me too.

Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you,
Let me inside make me stay,
Right beside you,
I used to write your name,

And put it in a frame,
And some times I think I hear you call,
Right from my bedroom wall,
You stay a little while,

And touch me with your smile,
And when can I say to make you mine,
To reach out for you in time,
Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you.

Like I never ever loved no one before you.
Oh pretty pretty boy of mine,
Just tell me you love me too,
Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you.

Oh my pretty pretty boy I need you,
Let me inside make me stay,
Right beside you,
Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you.

I used to sing this song few years back often...Few friends of mine like to hear me singing it...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I wish you to be happy...

I wish you to be happy.,
Even if you hurt me.,

I wish you to be happy.,
Even if you made me cry.,

I wish you to be happy.,
Even if we wont meet again.,

I wish you to be happy.,
Even if you forget me.,

I wish you to be happy.,
Even if you are selfish.,

I wish you to be happy.,
Even if I forget you.,

I wish you happy forever., from the bottom of my heart.,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


உன்னுடன் பழகிய நாட்களில் இத்தனை காதல் இருந்ததில்லை. விளையாட்டாக போன நாட்கள் திரும்பி வரப் போவதில்லை.

காதல் வரும் காரணம் யாருக்கும் தெரிவதில்லை.
காதலை கட்டுப்பத்த கருவிகள் எதுவுமில்லை.
காதல் மனிதனை கட்டுப்படுத்துவதில்லை.
சுவாசிக்க வைக்கிறது இதமாக.