Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh My Pretty Dream Boy...

Dreaming is my passion and I started to write to express my dreams. Long back I met my pretty boy in my dreams and he inspired me to write poems. This is My first poem about my dream boy.

Where are you my pretty boy
My heart is full of you
Wherever you are
I believe you are born for me!

Where are you my pretty boy
I have a place for you in my heart
Wherever you are
Hope you will hear my words!

Where are you my pretty boy
Hope you will come for me
I am waiting for you
To be with you forever!

Oh my one and only dream boy
Being in insane world
Thoughts bounce in and out of my head
Thinking of you!

Oh my one and only dream boy
Sometimes I feel I never reach your arms
No matter how hard you try to reach me
And my heart aches for you!

Oh my one and only dream boy
Your voice calls me as I dream
And when you sing
I forget the world!

Oh my one and only dream boy
All that left is you and me
Two of us alone
And no one in our world!

Oh my one and only dream boy
I feel my mind numb
Thinking of you
Come to this world from my dream!

Oh my dream boy, your love for me makes all things wonderful. No one is too young for love, because love does not comes from your mind, which knows age but from your heart, which knows no age. You are my dream, my love, my life and I want to spend my life with you. You have lighten up my life, like how the moon brightens the sky. I miss you a lot...


Green Speck said...

Wow ... so full of love ... all the best for your dream boy :-)

deeps said...

there is a time for everything :P

Jeevan said...

Very sweet poems... Hope he meet you very soon out of the dream :)

Boris Estebitan said...

Buen fin de semana, que pases un hermoso fin de semana, te invito a leer un poema mio, se titula “Marioneta”, ha sido un gusto visitar tu grandioso blog y te felicito por tu gran trabajo.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

This is woooow! Nothing could better thoughts on love on a Monday morning, or for that matter on any given day, at any given time ;-)

Betsy Adams said...

Hope you meet your 'dream boy' in person someday --and can experience what real love is all about.... Great poem!!!!!

Unknown said...

moon vanishes on new moon day giving darkness in the sky

Anonymous said...

wish you soon get your dream boy :)

ashok said...


R. Ramesh said...

yess..wish you soon get your dream boy :)

Ashwini C N said...

Wow. That was very nice :-), I'm sure everyone of us have a dream boy, but you have expressed your thoughts so very well :-)

Ashwini C N said...

Divya said...

You will meet him when the time is right :)

Meoww said...

Oh, so full of love for the dream boy! Hope he shows up soon :)

Krishna said...


muthu said...

hmhm.... Well, every girl deserves to get her feet swept of once in a while by some guy. Hope you have yours soon.