Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Design your destiny...

Everybody face life changing situation atleast once in their life time.It may happen when a person faces near to death  situation emotionally or physically. If that person decide to change completely, starting from zero then it is a rebirth to her/him. 
It is not easy. It is the most painful thing in the world. Our DNA, environment, assosiates, decision making capacity, thinking ability decides who we are. And reprogramming it needs strong desire, motivation and will power. It needs self observation and involves facing uncomfortable truths about ourselves. 

One should change the patterns in their life, their responses to familiar situation, their automatic reactions and their emotions. One should change their friends with whom they normally associative with, because with same friends same pattern will repeat. It is a selfish thing to do, but rebirth needs complete pattern break. It is a lengthy process but the reward has its worth. 

Most people go with life as it is because change is not easy and and the person has to be committed to make the change. Change/rebirth is completely your choice. With that you can design your own destiny. Are you bold enough to determine your destiny in near to death situation?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Pick the picture - Poem 2...

She was looking lovely
In her beautiful red dress
Her lips were smiling
With red lipstick

Her walk was brisk
With her red high heels
Her nails were shining
With red nail polish

She came near me
I was enchanted by her beauty
She smiled at me
I was mesmerised

She pulled me closer
And drank my red blood
Biting my neck
My last thought was

Red...Enchanting red...
She too loves red!
As she was a vampire
And I was a human.
PS : Inspired(bored) by the serial "Vampire diaries"

Monday, November 14, 2016

Pick the picture - Post 1...

When we were kids/babies we had high imaginary skills which gave dreaming and visualising ability and we had belief in our dreams.We believed in magic and fairies. We were never scared of doing anything. We played a lot and it maintained body fitness. We found learning an interesting thing. We were never scared of unknown things or changes. We lost all these when we grew. As a grown up if a person can visualize his dreams, act on it, ready to make changes to achieve it, maintain a healthy mind and body, update his knowledge and have the courage to take consistent steps to achieve his goals he can be successful.

PS : This baby's smile is very lovely but it made me to write serious things :)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

U r beautiful...

At last Angel agreed and said to Devil, "You are beautiful",  Everybody has devil and angel characters in their mind, but the percentage differs. And it decides whether a person is good or bad.
Sometimes devil protects the angel. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Unsolved Mystery...

I am Devilish Angel. I am a detective. This experience happened few years back. It changed my life. That day I went to precint as usual. My partner Sherlock was late that day. Precinct was busy, they arrested a murderer and the procedures were going on fast as all the evidence points to that girl. Yes, the murderer was a pretty young girl. As I was walking towards my cabin I saw that girl. For few seconds my eyes locked with hers and at that moment I felt she was innocent. A detective's intuition. I went to meet my captain and asked whether I can talk to that girl for few minutes.

My captain looked at me with thoughtful eyes. He knew I wont stop till I know the truth. He gave me permission to enquire that girl and to visit the crime scene. The girl was shocked by the chain of events. She said when she went to the crime scene that victim was already shot and was dying. The revolver has that pretty girl's finger print. I didnt like to call Sherlock as he was always give importance to facts and laugh at the irrational things like intuition. The house was in the woods. I drove to that place slowly. I entered the house. I saw a floating white shadow in the hall. It was pointing its hand towards the bunch of dolls and disappeared. I automatically searching the dolls and found one video recording device. The whole incident was recorded in it. The victim was arranging everything to look like murder, took the revolver, shot herself wearing gloves. Then she throw the revolver and removed the gloves and inserted between books. The pretty girl entered the house, screamed and made a call to the police. The victim died with a smile in her face.

I submitted the evidence to my captain. Sherlock was waiting for me in my cabin. He was looking angry. He asked why I went there alone without calling him. I told him I was not sure whether that crime scene visit will be useful. He was looking upset. I took him for dinner and made him to eat lot of chocolate pudding(He usually make me to eat chocolate pudding when I was dull and explain how chocolates calms mind. I never believed that explanation. I thought he was finding reasons to eat it).  I woke up from my dream by the phone call from Sherlock, he was excited and was saying we got a new murder case to investigate. As we drove towards that place I saw the striking resemblance. The house looked same as I saw in my dream. I was stunned, but took control of my senses. When Sherlock was searching the house for evidence, I collected the recording device and gloves as evidence. Sherlock was bit upset by my fast approach in finding evidence and I took him to have chocolate pudding. After eating, Sherlock said I was a good partner to him. Till date I didnt understand why I saw the whole incident in my dream and why that girl killed herself and made it look like a murder.