Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am travelling in the same old road every day
One strange day I felt the tremor in the air,
Sky seemed to come closer to my forehead,
I forgot to travel in the familiar path.
Magical call came from the land unknown,
I have to go, I have to explore.
Thorny bushes  scratched my skin,
The pebbles on road  hurt my bare feet,
But I have to walk this strange road, I don't know why.
And then I saw a little prince.
The little prince greeted me and walked by my side,
Song of chirping birds filled the music in the air,
Fragrance of fully blossomed roses captivated me,
I need to get enough of it.
I have to stay here, I have to live here,
Touch of roses soothed my skin,
Cold water relieved my bare feet,
The magic of this land made me forget all my woes.

I am walking in this road, I know why.


Shamlin Sunny said...

nice... i dont now m i ryt. but i guess we both got some same thoughts somewhere...

deeps said...

thats a magical journey...

deeps said...

still waking on?

Garuda yali said...

nice road to walk by am sure.

ashok said...

very nice

Walker said...

Rocky roads help you appreciate what you find down that path.
Nice post

Garuda yali said...

waiting for the next mile stone that you pen down in your present journey

ghost particle said...



very nice !!!

deeps said...

enjoy the festive season ahead..
may you have a grace-filled Christmas and Happy New Year

Destination Infinity said...

I guess when we take the unfamiliar road, it soon becomes familiar.

Destination Infinity