Monday, March 21, 2016

Why people want to be alone?

When a person is lonely there may be lots of reasons. If the reasons are natural, like the person himself or herself has deliberately wanted to be a loner, then their perceptions and priorities of Life is different and all those people would be quite bold, very precise, know what they want and what they do not want. Nothing affects them externally and such people may not have any sentiments and will always talk and behave very practically, as a down-to-earth person. 

Now, coming to the other section of people who have become lonely due to circumstances and external factors, they all will be emotionally weak and they would always be looking for some sort of companionship to share their emotions or sentiments or problems. it do
es not mean that these kind of people will not be practical or they will not have any priorities or goals for Life. They will also be quite focussed on what they want and they will always enjoy being in a relationship with someone whom they consider to be good and genuine. If they are close to someone like this, they would feel that their confidence level is high and they will think that because of their relationship with that person, they are able to achieve lots of good things in Life and thereby their binding with that person is very strong.

Due to some reasons, if the above relationship breaks and they are forced to become a loner again, they will be very upset and perhaps they will be disturbed and disappointed. It will take sometime for them to come back to their normal and finally they will become normal and they will feel that they have gained lots of experience in Life and have learned lots of lessons too. Many times, these persons would come out of their loneliness on their own or after they find another soul mate.


Infact, the Concept of IMPRISONMENT as Punishment for Criminals has emerged on the same lines, because LONELINESS is the biggest punishment that one can take and go through and that is why they are Jailed in a Cell where he or she is alone.


Destination Infinity said...

On the contrary, I love being lonely. Just give me a computer and Internet and leave me on an empty remote island - that's pure bliss :)

I think these things depends on the person and their phase/situation in life. It's important to get used to/learn to handle different situations in order to remain strong. It's difficult to always be dependent on one person.

Destination Infinity

Jeevan said...

Nice observation on lonely being. But I never think of living that way, and it’s impossible too since me quite dependent on someone. I think everyone is dependent on someone in life to lead even on their own ways.

Walker said...

I will tell you a little secret, there really isn’t a person that is a loner.
By definition I am a loner.
My friends are all loners but, by them being my friends, it doesn’t really make me a loner or them loners.
From an early age I preferred to be alone yet craved company at times but not necessarily direct; a shadow in a room full of people where I can’t be disturbed will suffice for me.
No I am not shy as a slew of partners can testify or the dozen people who have called me father or an equivalent can attest too.

As a loner I have more power to deal with my problems and those of others I take care of without any prejudice or guilt.
Loners are never alone, you just don’t notice them when they are not part of your wolrd.
Those who feel lonely because of a breakup are simply in pain and unaccustomed to being alone and in time they will come out of it except for the few who could never cope with the ups and downs of life or rejection.

I am a loner with 4 cats a dog a snake a big ass spider and a lizard, maybe that’s why I am a loner LOL

Shadow said...

I'm a loner by choice, solitude recharges me. I'm comfortable with my alone time, I choose when I want people around.