Thursday, April 7, 2016

Do U know the guitar player in me...

I have to tell you about how amazing of a guitar player I once was. Honestly. I was so good. We even had our own band at school. You know, I remember that day like the back of my hand.  I spent extra time getting dressed in to my dandy suit that evening Before, I headed out the door, I uttered a silent prayer. I said ''Lord be glorified through my music and let the words of my mouth please you''  Then my band members took their respective places, then I waltzed in to the spotlight, smiling my brightest smile and eager to get started. It was going to be a good night. I could feel it.  As we started I heard the enthusiastic roar of hundred people in the audience.  Each face seemed to be filled with warm encouragement and the crowds expectant energy literally filled the auditorium. The groove my band was laying felt great.  Then I fell of the stage. Yes, you read right. I FELL OF THE FREAKIN' STAGE! I dont know what exactly went wrong.  I think I lost my balance.

 I flipped through an aerial movement that surely would have scored atleast an 8 in any olympic competition and tumbled off the stage A part of me landed in the crowd and the other part was dangling from the stage. And then finally one of the teachers turned off the lights hoping to diminish the sight of me sprawled between the edge of the stage and my human safety net. And those kind people pushed me back up on the stage where I lay for a moment curled up in the fetal position.
And I was laying on the stage hunched up like an amradillo, then I pulled on the cord, yanking it like a fish caught on a rock. And I just lay there for another moment, lost in the darkness ready to burst both in to tears and laughter at the same time. Then I got up, although I had injured my ankle. But I think the real injury was to my pride. And although I was embarrassed, humiliated and insecure, I finished my show. That was actually the last of me playing the guitar.

PS : One of friend's experience about guitar playing in stage. Frankly I dont know how guitar look like.


Walker said...

This reminds me of the Meatloaf concert I was at in Ottawa when he decided to jump off the stage and broke both his legs.
His next concert her did it from a wheelchair lol
Sometimes you just got to keep rock n rolling......just don't jump off the stage if you are old and overweight :)

Harshita G said...

I has similar experience when learning music.

Destination Infinity said...

LOL. I thought it was you who was a guitar player and wanted to congratulate you on this great feat of playing the guitar even after getting injured. Anyway, congratulations goes to your friend now :)

Destination Infinity