Sunday, February 17, 2013

My first blog award...

I have been awarded "The dearest". Thanks to Kiran for this award.

10 facts about me

1. I am lazy :).
2. I like writing, cooking and dancing.
3. I love horror movies.
4. Pink is my favourite color.
5. Dont like the people who are too selfish.
6. Lost faith in God recently.
7. Dont have best or close friends.
8. I dont believe in love though I write a lot about it.
9. I like chicken dishes.
10. Talkative to my friends.

Answers for the questions

1. Name the blog you would love to hijack?
I dont like hijacking.
2. Does Gangnum style deserves to be turned in to dance routine?
Sorry. No idea about it.
3. What was the last lie u told?
Said I miss you to a friend though I didnt miss.
4. Your greatest strength and weakness?
Strength is wont get carried away by emotions. Weakness is trusting people before judging them.
5. Why are men are from mars and women from venus.
Because physically men are strong and women are beautiful.
6. Song that describes your life.
I havent heard a song yet which describes my live.
7. Call or text?
8. One word in your vocabulary that you use a lot?
9. What is your addiction?
Reading novels.
10. If u meet me, what would be the first thing you would say or do?
11. A thing about you that you never want your parents to find out?
I never tell about my problems to my parents. Always handle it myself.


Questions for the nominated bloggers

1.Whats is your favoruite sports?
2.How you face critical problems?
3.One thing about which you are proud about yourself
4.Most happiest moment in your life
5.The word which you hate to use
6.What is your dream location that you want to visit?
7.How can you describe yourself?
8.Your favourite subject in school.
9.Tell about your first crush.
10.About one of your childhood adventure.
11.Ambition in your life.


Kiran Ashraf said...

I lost my faith on God after dad passed away but trust me, He knows best :)

Destination Infinity said...

Thanks for the award. I will do this tag sometime... You have given very difficult questions? :)

Destination Infinity

Jeevan said...

Interesting Q & As! Thank for the award :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Thank you for honoring me... Here's my answers:
-College Football
-Try to tackle them right when they happen --so that they will not fester and just get worse;
-Lost alot of weight (now--I just have to work twice as hard to keep it off)
-Marrying George Adams in 2001
-HAWK (I'm a birder --so I try to protect my little birds from hawks.)
-Alaska (and Hawaii)
-Fun-loving, lover of life
-Math and Music
-little boy I grew up with; He died several years ago --but if he were alive, I hope we would still be friends.
-Had a wonderful childhood in a small town --back when everything was safe and you never were afraid
-Just living as long as possible with good health, and traveling and hiking as long as possible (I'm age 70 now!!!)


ashok said...

Thanks DA for your nomination!!!

Destination Infinity said...

I have done this tag in my blog -

Destination Infinity

Walker said...

Hmmm is a word?
Great answers,
I have answered your tag even though i have done it twice before.
I figure as we get older our mental and physical being changes how we think about life.

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

Congrats for award... Nice questions


deeps said...

hey thats so nice of you
thank you

R. Ramesh said...

super post buddy...hey thanks for the award yar...huggies and best wishes always to u..keep winning and smiling:)

David P. King said...

Congrats on your award. It's good to meet you! :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Congrats on your award :)

Shilpa said...

Congrats on the award! You sound like a interesting person, alike your name - devilish angel. I too love watching horror and thriller movies. I came from ashok blog, and find u r name very different :)

Hugs n Kiss

Unknown said...

1.Whats is your favorite sports?
I don't play sport

2.How you face critical problems?
no problems is critical, just facing it as any other challenge

3.One thing about which you are proud about yourself
being not proud about myself

4.Most happiest moment in your life
a evening time at beach

5.The word which you hate to use
the word that I don't use.

6.What is your dream location that you want to visit?

7.How can you describe yourself?
another person in earth

8.Your favorite subject in school.

9.Tell about your first crush.
I am still searching her to meet. she is still fresh in my mind/ heart

10.About one of your childhood adventure.
diving from a bridge into a river

11.Ambition in your life
to be ready to accept death with smile.