Tuesday, February 5, 2013


You came in my life like a rainbow. Gave all the colors to my life.  And you went like the rainbow in very short duration. Whenever some one whom I like or love move away from my life, I think I am going to meet a new person. Thats true. Life is a long journey and nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. God is so cruel that he bless few and leave others without any blessings.


Walker said...

Actually I think life is to short.
Being a little older than you I have experienced much.
To say I haven’t enjoyed my life would be a lie because I grabbed it by the mane and rode it through thick or thin.
I have had 3 long term relationships,17, 10, 5 and am currently in the 6th year of my forth one.
Throw in a couple of hundred casual affairs in between, how can anyone complain.

To spice it all up I have been killed once and accidentally killed myself a second time.
Thanks to good doctors I am still here.
I wasn’t blessed by any god because he/she would have prevented my demise in the first place

Why am I telling you all of this, it’s because you have to live life to enjoy it.
You have to throw yourself into the human stew to find that morsel you want or who is meant for you.
You’re young, don’t expect to meet your forever now, you don’t want too.
You want to mature and find someone who has matured to settle down with forever and ever.
It’s best you both go through your changes into adulthood first because by the time you are ready to settle down, you will both be who you will be for a long time and fall in love with who that person instead of meeting someone to early and hating who they are becoming.
This was my problem with my first.
She was 18, I was 16 and after 17 years and two kids we didn’t like each other any more and that was due to the people we grew up and became.

Enjoy life and let the cards come to you.
Who knows what hand you will be dealt.

Krishna said...

true... nice thought...


deeps said...

same pinch...
i got to agree with you here on this...but life is like that

Kiran Ashraf said...

You have been awarded :)


Z said...

lovey thoughts!!!

Green Speck said...

I wouldn't say God is cruel ... perhaps we all get what we are supposed to get only at the right time :-)